The ultimate option for contemporary weather protection

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Extend your Property’s living space with the addition of a Fully Automated Bioclimatic Pergola, a truly diverse product that fuses modern design and unrivaled functionality!

Control via remote control (or your phone) the Bioclimatic Pergola’s motorised slats to adapt to the current weather conditions and time of day.

Its functions can even be pre-programmed to follow a daily routine, ensuring, for example, the slats are closed overnight and LED Lighting switched off. In the event of rain the water flows into the integrated collection system within the pergola’s beams and down the posts to suitable drainage.

Seamless operation of the Pergola’s slats from 0 to 135 degrees orientation allows you to prioritise between natural ventilation, ambient light, shade and rain protection, depending on your needs at any specific moment.

Motorised Drop Zip Blinds (link) can be incorporated to enhance usability and create a truly “outdoor living room”.

The Pergolas can be further embellished with a multitude of additional features: Rain and Wind Sensors; Integrated LED strip lighting; Bluetooth Sound system; Somfy Home Control; Infra-red heating

Numerous possible configurations of installation are possible with any number of posts depending on the location. Being of modular design, multiple units can be fitted together and share parts of the same structure and control system.

Bioclimatic Pergola Versions

Two different sizes of structure and slats according to overall dimensions required: P-150 (15cm slats) and P-190 (16.5cm slats)

Technical details

  • 24v Somfy Motors
  • Heavy duty factory lacquered aluminium
  • P-150 max. dimensions 500cm x 360cm
  • P-190 max. dimensions 620cm x 420cm
  • Special Texturized Metal Finishes available


  • LED lighting

  • Rain sensor

  • Metalwork Colours

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