Cover Large Areas with Robust Shade and Weather Protection!

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Experience Excellent Shade and Weather Protection with our custom-made Aluminium Pergolas and Structured Awning Systems.

Whether creating a Shaded Area joined on to your property or a completely Stand-Alone structure at the bottom of your garden, we have the solution!

Find out more about stand alone shade solutions below.

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Motorised Cover System Moraira

These modern fully automatic systems are perfect in providing large areas of shade over existing structures (or one of our aluminium pergolas)…. all at the touch of a button!

The ultimate in contemporary weather protection! Discover the benefits of a fully automated Bioclimatic Pergola…

Concertina Awnings Moraira

Concertina Awnings are the most economic and effective way to provide shade to large areas.

Mounted onto an existing structure or with its own incorporated frame, depending upon the situation, dimensions and aesthetics you are looking for.

Reasons to choose your Awning from VISTA


We supply a huge range of modern and traditional awning fabric styles


Acurately measured and professionally installed using superior fixings


The best type and placement of your awning for maximum shade


We only supply products from established manufacturers


Backed up by long term availability of spares for repairs and maintenance

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Frequently asked questions about our Shade Structures

If you have any questions about shade structures simply book a home consultation and we will visit your home to advise you on your best solution.

Can my Concertina Awning be Refurbished?

Concertina Awning Javea

Yes, no problem!

If the awning fabric on your concertina awning is falling apart at the seams, penetrated with in-grained dirt or you just want to bring in some New Colour then look no further!

At the same time, we highly recommend changing all of the moving parts and rope pulley system to bring back the original smooth action.

Find out how our complete FABRIC REPLACEMENT service can bring New life to your old Awnings.

Are there shade solutions which also protect against rain?

Concertina Awning Car Shade

Yes, we can prepare many of our products to protect from rain as well as the sun.

Concertina Awnings can be set up to allow rain water to drain off quickly and be equipped with waterproof fabrics.

Bioclimatic Pergolas provide the ultimate solution for all weather protection with their integrated rainwater drainage system.

Can I have a customised solution that meets my exact needs?

Motorised Cover System Benitachell

Yes, we can design a Shade Structure to your exact needs.

Often we will come up with a specific solution for you which is completely unique due to any number of different circumstances: orientation, property layout, obstructions etc….

We can combine multiple products which together give a Customised Shade Solution.