The perfect shade solution for your terrace or balcony

Benefit from your terraces All Year Round…

Enjoy the winter too!….Why feel restricted to use your outdoor areas only in the warmest months!

Our Exterior Roller Blinds can help convert your terrace, open naya or pergola into a far more useable space!

From a simple “wind-down” standard Drop to a fully automated Drop Zip, an exterior roller blind can block out the low sun, protect you from a cold breeze or give you all the privacy you need.

Automated Drop Zip Blinds provide the ultimate in lateral weather protection at the press of a button… fast and convenient!

exterior guided drop blinds

Ideal to close in your terrace against the elements the Guided Drop Blinds are easier to use than the standard Drop Blinds.

standrad drop exterior roller blind

Standard Drop Blinds provide one of the most cost effective ways to shelter your terrace space from the wind.

Lateral roller blinds for exteriors

Lateral Blinds provide protection for privacy, wind or shade in an easy to use compact system.

Reasons to choose your Exterior Blind from VISTA


We supply a huge range of modern and traditional awning fabric styles


Acurately measured and professionally installed using superior fixings


The best type and placement of your awning for maximum shade


We only supply products from established manufacturers


Backed up by long term availability of spares for repairs and maintenance

We’ll help you find the perfect Exterior Roller Blinds

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Frequently asked questions about our Exterior Roller Blinds

If you have any questions about exterior roller blinds simply book a home consultation and we will visit your home to advise you on your best solution.

Which is best for me, an Awning or an Exterior Roller Blind?


Don’t worry if  you are unsure about which product is going to work best for you.

We are here to help and with such a WIDE RANGE of PRODUCTS on offer we can find the right awning or blind to suit your needs.

Do Exterior Blinds come in a protective casing?

YES…Exterior Blinds can be ordered with Protective Casing

A full box or case is available for all types of exterior blinds and in some cases (DropZip Blinds) it’s the only option.

If you intend leaving the blind down for extended periods of time (permanently) then a case is probably not necessary.

Alternatively if the exterior blind is for occasional use then adding the casing will protect the fabric, keeping it clean and extending its life.

Can I have a window in my Exterior Blind?

YES…Rectangular Windows are available on most Exterior Blinds.

Our Transparent Plastic Windows can be incorporated into almost all exterior roller blinds.

Additionally we can set up your exterior roller blind to have two positions: fully down allowing full use of  the window and also half way down using the lower part of the fabric to just provide shade. Essentially giving TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE!

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