Compact… perfect for Small Windows

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Stylish and functional, our aluminium venetian blinds come in a wide range of modern colours and make a great option for kitchens and studies.

Versatile and often the most economic solution for small windows, aluminium venetian blinds can be graduated to provide as much light or privacy as you need with a simple twist of the handle.

Choose from sleek 16mm, 25mm or traditional 50mm louvres which work well on large windows.

Cable-guided venetian blinds can be particularly effective when fitted in the recesses of glass doors or “tilt and turn” windows since the blind stays fixed in place even as the door/window is moved or tilted.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Denia
Aluminium Venetian Blind


  • 16mm, 25mm and 50mm aluminium louvres/slats
  • corded mechanism as standard
  • over 100 different colours in finishes including glossy, satin, metallics etc..


  • cable-guide system for “tilt and turn” windows or doors
  • fabric tape mechanism (only on 50mm blinds): any colour combination of tape/aluminium

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Big on style and functionality, wooden venetian blinds can add a touch of class to any room…

Orientate louvres up and down to for just the right amount of Ambient Light into the room.

Order your blinds with either cord or combine “fabric tape” colours with wood finishes.

All our wooden venetian blinds include matching pelmets to cover the mechanism case adding to that Finished Look.

Wood Venetian Blind Moraira
Wooden Venetian Blinds Moraira


  • 50mm louvres
  • corded or “fabric tape” finish
  • over 30 different finishes including solid colours Black, White and Cream
  • matching pelmet/cover hides mechanism


  • cable-guide system
  • fabric tape: any colour combination of tape/wood finish

Pleated Blinds

For filtered ambient light or even complete blackout, Pleated Blinds offer a great alternative to venetians…

Particularly effective for Small Windows such as bathrooms and bedrooms to provide privacy and ambient light or darkness as necessary.

Easy to operate by a simple tab or cord, pleated blinds retract to a compact size.

Pleated Blind Denia
Pleated Blind Denia


  • 25 mm depth
  • cord mechanism or easy manual tab system
  • over 50 different textures and colours
  • available in Standard, Heat-reflective and Blackout fabrics


  • cable-guided blinds for inclined windows
  • skylight cable guide system allows horizontal fit
  • chain operation
  • double blinds (blind in 2 sections e.g. Night time and Daytime in one blind)

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