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Awnings for Naya at Pedreguer

A neat solution for yet another windy location up on Urbanisation La Sella near Pedreguer!

Having glazed in their terrace with glass curtains, our clients then required a system of shade which could be used to protect against the low late afternoon sun.

Although we do of course offer solutions with interior blinds rather than exterior, it was decided, mainly due to the pillars, that fitting interior blinds would have taken up too much space within the naya.

Providing shade on the outside would not take up any internal space and also have the added benefit of stopping the majority of heat from entering the naya through the glass.

Extendible arm awnings were dismissed due to the excessively windy location.  In the end we opted for the Fully Boxed Drop Arm awnings with double drop fabric which offered several advantages: Full protection of the awning fabric, strength in the windy conditions (not when extended beyond 90 degrees) and the ability to extend the awnings down to nearly 180 degrees giving even more protection against the very low sun.

Drop Arm Awnings with double drop fabric

Drop Arm Awnings with double drop fabric

Drop Arm awnings: standard position

Drop Arm awnings: standard position

Drop Arm Awnings: full box fabric protection

Drop Arm Awnings: full box fabric protection


Motor systems were added with a multichannel remote control allowing 3 programmed positions: closed, mid-way (90 deg) and maximum limit (nearly 180 deg).

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avatarHi Darren,

Thank you so much for installing our awning. We couldn't have been more pleased with it (and the excellent quality of your workmanship).

We were in Spain for 6 weeks this summer (good old school holidays - what would I do without them?) and the awning certainly allowed us to use the naya without burning to a crisp!

Thanks once again.


Mark Hunter, Orba
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